Fun Trip to Coromandel Garden: Grade I-V Students Create Lasting Memories

Greetings from BAV International senior sec School, Dear ParentsSchool days are the most cherished part of one’s life and to make it a memorable one, therefore today – students of Grade I to V took a day out and made wonderful memoirs at Coromandel Garden as a part of Fun Trip sighted place are taken […]

Helmet Awareness Rally

Our BAV students, Home guards of the Kanchipuram District and police department official took out a helmet awareness rally held on Today (14.11.2023), as part of the Road Safety, organised in the district by Home guards & BAV INTL School inaugurated by Dr. M. Sudhakar , IPS of Kanchipuram District.Our students creating awareness of the […]


Greetings from BAV International senior sec School, Dear parents, ‘Navratri’ is one of the most important festivals celebrated to worship the Goddess ‘Durga’.The celebration started by offering prayers to Goddess Navdurga and seeking blessings to protect everyone from negative energy.As a part of Navartri Celebration, today Class XI to XII – STD students and staffs […]

The Road Safety Awareness Programme

Greetings from BAV International senior sec School, On 20.09.2023 Tamil Nadu Transport department conducted the road safety awareness programme at our BAV school premises in order to create the awareness among Students and drivers regarding accidents caused by errors in driving and while crossing on the road. The program concentrated on the errors which the […]

Function Of The Students

Greetings from BAV International senior sec School, Dear parents, WA celebration conducted at B.A.V. International Sr. Sec. school by our students on 5th Sept 2023. The whole function was planned by the students . We decided that, the responsibility of teaching is taken up by the students as an appreciation for their teachers. As per […]

Our Academic Schedule

Greetings from BAV International senior sec School, Dear parents, We are happy to share that As part of our academic schedule, we honor the star students for the month of SEPTEMBER 2023. We award the students by distributed the star card In order to honor of their hard work and continuous effort the star certificate […]

Parikhsha Pe Charcha conceptualized by Prime Minister

Dear parents,         we are elated to inform you that Pariksha Pe Charcha has been conceptualized by the Prime Minister wherein students, parents, teachers interact with him on various topics related to life and exams. This year’s edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha was held at 11 AM on 27th January 2023 at […]

Thiru Kamaraj Birthday Celebration

Dear parents,            we are elated to inform you that THIRU KAMARAJ BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION is held on July 15 – Day of Great Leader who brought into public the importance of Education and on that day observed as a ‘Kalvi Valarchi Naal’ (Educational Development Day). In order to celebrate the day […]

Honour of star students in school

Greetings from BAV International senior sec School,  Dear Parents,            We are happy to inform you that This month we honour the star students by offered a student Savings Account for the categories of Behaviour, Scholastic & Punctuality. Always know that your work and efforts are appreciated. Also, know that you […]

எனது மண் எனது தேசம்

Greetings form BAV INTL SR.SEC.SCHOOL Dear Parents As a part of the Nationwide எனது மண் எனது தேசம் Campaign is started by Central Govt to resonates deeply with our shared gratitude and reverence towards the selfless individuals who have safeguarded our nation’s freedom.Soil and Saplings will be brought from across the country in this trip. ‘Amirta […]